Planet Drupal

Planet Drupal aggregates broadly appealing, Drupal-related blog posts pertaining to the community at large (code, advocacy, marketing, infrastructure etc.). These are my posts published at the Planet.

DrupalCon, here I come!

After an anxious year waiting and preparing for DrupalCon, the moment is finally there. Tomorrow the whole LimoenGroen gang and i will fly to Prague to attend this year’s DrupalCon. It will be my 5th DrupalCon and it’s gonna be a busy one. I’ve been to every EU DrupalCon since Paris and as each year I’m excited as a little kid to pack my bags and go.

Easily import Tweets into Drupal using JSON and Feeds

There are already many Drupal modules to display or import Tweets on your website, but most of them come with limitations: they just display the tweets instead of importing them. This makes it hard to filter, especially when you display a specific hashtag. In some cases, it’s pretty handy if you can quickly unpublish an unwanted tweet. The modules that do import tweets have other limitations.


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