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  • Use the Termcase module to apply taxonomy formatting

    Me being happy The project I'm currently working on involves several authors writing a lot of content. They tag all articles and pages with self-entered terms (free-tagging). Because not every author uses the same case for these terms/tags the layout became quite messy. By using the termcase module you can improve the layout of your tags by automatically transforming all terms to vocabulary-specific case formatting. Read on!
  • Extend your Page Title using the Drupal breadcrumb path

    Me rubbing my chin like I'm thinking If you use breadcrumbs in your website to help visitors navigate, you could also use these to extend the functionality of your META <title> tag. By doing so, you could change your page title (the thing displayed by search engines) from e.g. Michael Jackson is dead to Latest news > Michael Jackson is dead. Continue reading to read how to get better Page Titles with just a few lines of code.
  • Inherit the full url of the parent book page by using a Drupal token

    My back

    Recently I created a book in Drupal using two Content Types. One type called Book Description (which has a cover, an ID and some other CCK fields) and another type called Book Page. So far so good. Problems arose when I tried to setup Pathauto. For the Book Description I entered book/[field_book_id-raw], which worked great. For the Book Pages I needed something like book/[field_book_id-raw]/title-of-my-page. This is where I got stuck.

  • To blog or not to blog, that's the question

    Me rubbing my chin like I'm thinking

    Thanks for visiting my new blog. I've been thinking quite a lot whether I should start a blog or not. But now I finally gave up the excuse of not having enough time to keep it up-to-date, because I believe that everything you want to do can be achieved with the right planning and the right priorities. As a board member of the Dutch Drupal Association and a fanatic lurker of (technical) blogs I found that I couldn't ignore the power of having a blog myself.