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  • For passion, with pleasure

    One says doing thing you love makes it easy doing them. Who thinks cooking is a burden, if nothing makes you happier than buying fresh fish, herbs and pasta and spend the rest of the day in the kitchen preparing your loved ones a mouth-watering diner? Who hates a broken car if you have the best weekend by fixing the brakes while cleaning the engine as well? And who could become tired of walking if that's the thing you love most? You got my point.
  • Translating Views paths in Drupal

    Me having my hands in front of my face

    Drupal offers great multilanguage possibilities for your website. Drupal core already offers a way to translate the website interface AND your content (nodes) in multiple languages. Enabling multiple languages is a piece of cake and translating content is made very simple. However, you need to perform some extra tricks to get the full interface translated. For example: you might want to translate your taxonomy terms and your menu items as well. Or, also very common, using some blocks or menu-items just for a single language only.

  • DrupalCon Copenhagen - why you should come too!

    Me sticking my tongue out See this cool video made by SumitK to see why DrupalCon is so awesome! Check it out!
  • Using Google Fonts on your Drupal website

    Me pointing my finger at my head

    Last week Google announced their Font API and Font Directory, which provides a simple, cross-browser method for using any font in the Google Font Directory on your web page. That announcement made me very excited and I decided to spent my evening to make a Google Fonts Drupal module. Building the module didn't took me long (thanks to the powerful Drupal API) so I was able to release a working version of the module the same evening.

  • Presenting at the Software Development Network

    My back

    This evening I gave a presentation at the Software Development Network about Drupal. Because the seminar is mainly focused on application development and closed source, I was the odd one out talking about PHP. All other topics were DotNetNuke, Delphi, Umbraco, Silverlight, SharePoint, etc. That said, I was rather surprised to find an enthusiast audience who were impressed when I told them that large sites as The White House, The World Bank, Ahold and even Java are running on Drupal!