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  • Hack your way through the Drupal API: a development intro for themers

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    At the DrupalDevDays I gave a presentation that teaches themers and configurators how to developer sites in less time, make them with less modules and be in control of menu items and forms generated by Drupal and contrib modules.

  • Drupal 7 release parties all around the world!

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    With only a few weeks left for Drupal 7 to be released (yay!) we need a lot of promotion to get it launched the way it deserves. Many people are volunteering to get the release done as professional and visible as possible: we have people working on the release announcement, people blog and tweet about it, others are creating a banner that will be projected on a huge tower in Rotterdam and there is even a webex meeting to gear up PR efforts.

  • Streamline development using a simple helper module for DTAP environments

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    Larger Drupal projects often use a DTAP environment: four separate environments for Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production. The developers build the website using Views, CCK, custom themes and custom modules. To do so, they need modules like Coder and Devel that are not longer needed on the Test, Acceptance and Production environments

  • Varnish HTTP cache server

    My back Varnish is being used a lot on large sites to optimize performance. It is a very fast HTTP cache server, which is to your Drupal what a big rotation press is to a newspapers DTP system. Want to deliver thousands of pages per second with very low responsetime ? Varnish is your tool for that. And Facebooks, and BBCs, and SlashDots, and...
  • Drupal Distributions: The Dos and Don'ts

    Me rubbing my chin like I'm thinking After two days of hacking core (aka code sprinting) DrupalCon is finally starting today. I planned a lot of sessions to attend (one every hour) and I'll try to live-blog every presentation. My first presentation of DrupalCon is the one given by Jeff Miccolis of Development Seed and Irakli Nadareishvili of Phase2 Technology about Drupal Distributions.