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  • The joy of views_embed_view()

    Me pointing my finger at my head

    I love Views. For those who don’t know it; it’s basically a visual query builder that you want to use in every Drupal project. You might use it to create listings of content, commens, users, and what not. Add arguments, filters, sorts, a search box… you name it. Views can do anything! Well, almost anything.

  • Exporting your module configuration using Ctools or with custom code - when to use which method?

    Me rubbing my chin like I'm thinking

    When I recently joined Scott Reynen as maintainer of the @font-your-face module (blog post), one of the first tasks on my list was to enable site builders to save their font settings using Features. For those not known with Features; it’s a module that saves database settings (views, content types, variables etc) to code.

  • Goodbye Google Fonts, hello @font-your-face!

    Me pointing my finger at my head

    For years it was a struggle to implement non-default fonts in your website. And as a result, many websites still use Verdana or Arial as their default font. Designers were limited to use the 13 or so web safe fonts.

  • A fresh breeze in my life

    Me sticking my tongue out

    Lately, a few things happened in my life. Since 2008 I work at Sogeti (part of Capgemini group) as Senior Drupal Specialist. In this role, I’ve set up a Drupal expertise team, gave trainings and presentations. I was involved in making Sogeti one of the main Drupal players in the Dutch market.

  • Using HTML5 and CSS media queries on my new blog

    Me being happy

    During DrupalCon London I decided to give my blog a fresh new look. The previous design was already two years old and did not really fit its purpose anymore. Where my previous site was purely focused on blogging, the new design is more of an online resume. As nowadays I tweet about the new and fancy stuff I discover on the web, there is not much left for me to blog about. Therefor, I decided to give my blog less prominence and make the links to my social networks more visible.