DrupalCon, here I come!

After an anxious year waiting and preparing for DrupalCon, the moment is finally there. Tomorrow the whole LimoenGroen gang and i will fly to Prague to attend this year’s DrupalCon. It will be my 5th DrupalCon and it’s gonna be a busy one. I’ve been to every EU DrupalCon since Paris and as each year I’m excited as a little kid to pack my bags and go.

My first DrupalCon as a speaker

This year will be the first DrupalCon ever where I’ll be giving a session myself, so you can imagine I’m quite nervous. I will be talking about Front-end Performance. My last weekends were spent tweaking my slides, running tests and doing rehearsals. So if you are a front-end developer and you wish to learn something about performance optimisation, come and join my session.

Drupal 8 Launch Initiative BoF

Together with Paul Johnson, I’ve initiated a so-called BoF (Birds of a Feather) to discuss the Drupal 8 release initiative. In 2011 I’ve released drupal7releaseparty.org (see screenshot), a website where organizers across the globe could announce their release parties and attendees could sign-up. The website was a great success: within weeks more than 300 parties worldwide were announced and thousands of people celebrated the release of Drupal 7 at the same time.

For Drupal 8, we want to create an even bigger success. I’ve registered both 8ishere.org and eightishere.org: cool domain names, which can be used to promote the release of Drupal 8. I already have some ideas about what to do with this website and I would love to get input from others during this BoF. So if you are a UX specialist, marketing-guru or just a creative thinker: please do attend and help us making this the best release launch ever.

Paul on the other hand will coordinate the marketing efforts. We need people to start writing press releases, marketing material and we need domination on social networks. So again: please do attend if you can and want to help out!

Once more in the picture

Apart from the BoF and my own session there’s another moment on which I will shine on stage. But I won’t spoil the surprise; you’ll see it yourself :)

See you in Prague?

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