Continuous Integration & Drupal

At our company LimoenGroen we use Drupal on a daily base. To improve the quality of our development process, we implemented a continuous integration workflow based on Jenkins.

Continuous Integration builds, updates & tests the full website automatically after every change in the code, which results in increasing the overall quality of the development process.

The Continuous Integration setup we have at LimoenGroen

We presented our CI setup a few times before during several Drupal meet-ups and shared the slides. On our company blog we now share a bit more in-depth information on how we've set it up and how you could achieve the same. 

For more information, I highly recommend reading the full post Continuous Integration & Drupal at LimoenGroen.

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Drupal & CI

Can you please explain how the team of developers initiate the CI ?

It is not clear to me.