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  • This is a test article for FB

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    This is just some test content. Wondering how it will look on Facebook. 

    This is a heading

    And this is more test content with a link.

  • Level up please. We’re not pushing boxes.

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    I have been active in the Drupal world since 2006 as a developer and co-own my own Drupal agency since 2011. I love to attend Drupal events. Both Local events (DrupalJam, Splash Awards) and global ones (DrupalCon). I have attended every DrupalCon since Paris 2009 and I like to attend CXO days and other “management oriented events” too.

  • Drupal Training Day, the largest Drupal training worldwide

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    On Friday September 26th, the largest Drupal training worldwide was held in Amsterdam. Over 250 students, teachers and professionals from Belgium and The Netherlands participated in a curriculum of 5 different tracks introducing them with Drupal. 

  • Continuous Integration & Drupal

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    At our company LimoenGroen we use Drupal on a daily base. To improve the quality of our development process, we implemented a continuous integration workflow based on Jenkins.

    Continuous Integration builds, updates & tests the full website automatically after every change in the code, which results in increasing the overall quality of the development process.

  • DrupalCon, here I come!

    Me being happy

    After an anxious year waiting and preparing for DrupalCon, the moment is finally there. Tomorrow the whole LimoenGroen gang and i will fly to Prague to attend this year’s DrupalCon. It will be my 5th DrupalCon and it’s gonna be a busy one. I’ve been to every EU DrupalCon since Paris and as each year I’m excited as a little kid to pack my bags and go.